LAST UPDATED 16.02.2017

ABGAMES89 PRIVACY POLICY ABGAMES89 ("We" or "Us") has adopted this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") to explain how ABGAMES89 collects, stores and uses the user ("User" or "You") information acquired in connection with our applications and services ("Service"). This policy applies to all ABGAMES89 Services unless the Service has an overriding policy. Personal information in this document means but is not limited to: first name, last name, phone number, contacts, messages, calendar and plaintext device identifiers. We respect our Users' privacy and continuously work to achieve a reasonable level of security for personal information.


What information does the Service obtain and how is it used?

We collect anonymous analytics to help us better understand how our audience uses our Services. This may include information about the User's device such as: Operating system version, screen resolution, phone status (display turned off/on), vibration status, internet status (to check the user is connected to internet and show Advertisements), current location (to get the location of the user. Location is shared with our advertising partners to increase the relevance of ads), write and read files on device storage (to cache video ads in the device memory for best experience), device make and model. We don't collect or store any personal information. The purpose of analytics is to be able to continuously improve our Services and the experience for our Users.


Third Party services (Advertisements and Analytics)

We display advertisements in our free apps and games to fund the development process for current and future Services. The advertisements are provided by third party companies and they may use and collect anonymous data about the User's interests to be able to select more relevant advertisements. This information may also include location data and unique device identifier. No information is collected to allow third parties identifying you as a person.


Game Services

Service may display Leaderboards or Achievements using Google Play Services or Apple Game Center ("Game Services"). Service does not use other game services. Your use of Game Services is expecting you agree to their terms of use. We do not collect or store any personal information from Game Services. Other information from Game Services is used only for gaming purpose - Leaderboards or Achievements. Your acceptance of these termsBy using Service, you signify your acceptance of this policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our Service. Our privacy policy may change from time to time. Your continued use of the Service following the posting of changes to this policy will be deemed your acceptance of those changes. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us at