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Underground Tour
21.04.2014, 11:39

Year: 2011
Genre: Platform
Developer: Falcoware Games
Language: English
Platform: PC


This game’s beautiful graphics and atmosphere will garner enthusiastic applause. Your character is just an ordinary old man who lives in a big castle. He lived years without bothering anyone, but one day he discovers that his favorite mug is gone, and he is awoken from his slumber! What a disaster! Who could have done such a terrible thing? Suspicion falls on Lord Black, who lives deep in a cave. The old man takes his trusty old sword from the shelf and goes to administer justice! You’ll find new weapons as you advance through the levels – swords and magic wands, attacking enemies and even recruiting other creatures to fight on your side. Several types of armor are available, which earn special bonuses. A variety of enemies - skeletons ghosts, knights, dragons will await you. Fairytale atmosphere with captivating music and quality hand-drawn graphics.

System requirements:

- Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
- Processor: Intel Pentium 4 clocked at 1.5 GHz
- Ram: 256 Mb
- Videocard: с 256 Mb VRAM (nVidia GeForce 210 / ATI Radeon HD 4800)
- Audiocard: compatible with DirectX 9.0
- Free space on hard disk: 30 Mb

To install:

1) Install
2) Play







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